srI vEdha vEdhAntha vardhinI

jagau svamEva yO vEdhyO vEdhavEdhANtha rAchibi:
vardhathAm thathprasAdhENa vEdha vEdhANtha vardhdhiNI

ஜகௌ ஸ்வமேவ யோ வேத்யோ வேதவேதாந்த ராசிபி:
வர்ததாம் தத்ப்ரஸாதேந வேத வேதாந்த வர்த்திநீ

Let this vEdha vEdhAntha vardhiNI grow to great heights by the grace of gIthAchAryan
who is to be understood through vEdham and vEdhAntham as identified by
the vEdha purushan himself.

srI vEdha vEdhAntha vardhinI was established in 1868 – vibhava varusham, mAsi mAsam, 5th day at thiruvallikkENi by great scholars. Some of those great scholars include srImAn MaNNi SingarAchAryAr, srImAn M. A. SingarAchAryAr, SrimAn yOgi pArthasArathy iyengAr, etc. This is registered as a dharma sthApanam. The main objectives of this sabhai is to spread the knowledge from vEdham and vEdhAntham of both samskritham and thamizh languages. In the original manifesto, it is mentioned that
“to spread the anushtAnam as practiced in srI pArthasArathy swAmy sannidhi”.

NammAzhwAr emperumAnAr maNavALa mAmunigaL

Many pAtasAlais were established to teach vEdham, dhivya prabhandham and samskrutham (sAmAnya sAsthram like tharkam, nyAyam, etc) at thiruvallikkENi, thirumazhisai, srIperumbUthUr, kAnchipuram, etc. On behalf of the sabhai, Sri U.Ve. V. V. Ramanujam swamy prepared and released a handbook about this sabhai and its activities. Please click to download and read the same. It has some beautiful articles by both V.V. Ramanujam swamy and kAnchi PBA swamy as well.

One of the main persons behind the creation of this sabhai is yOgi pArthasArathy iyengAr swamy. He had lots of wealth and put them in full use for our sampradhAyam. He was instrumental in bringing up saraswathy bhandAram which printed many of our sampradhAyam literature those days and also established NampiLLai sannidhi in thiruvallikkENi. He also built a temple for chakkaravarthi thirumagan in ayOdhyA (famously known as ammAji mandhir) and established proper sri-vaishnava style of worship there.

Many great scholars like kAnchi pravthivAdhi bhayankaram aNNangarAchAryar swamy, etc have greatly relished their association with this sabhai.

Current office bearers of the sabhai:

  • President – Dr M. A. VenkatakrishNan swamy
  • Secretary – Dr V. V. Ramanujam swamy
  • Treasurer – Sri A. K. Pattabiraman swamy
  • Committee Members
    • Sri S. Parthasarathy swamy
    • Sri P. Lakshmi narasimhan (Sekar) swamy
    • Sri P. K. Veera Raghavan (Suresh) swamy
    • Sri T. Sarathy swamy

Every year, this sabhai conducts, competitions for children in dhivya prabhandham and has also organised many vidhwath sadhas inviting great scholars and providing them a stage to reveal their great oratory capabilities.

This sabhai has published two books so far.

  •  thiruppAvai 4000 padi vyAkyAnam of Ayi jananyAchAryar in 1948, during the 80th anniversary of the sabhai.
  •  irAmAnusa nURRanthAdhi vyAkyAnam of maNavALa mAmunigaL in 2012, during the 145th anniversary of the sabhai.

This year, 2012, is the 145th year and a grand uthsavam was celebrated involving various activities. Please click and view the full details of this year’s events.

While this sabhai has been involved in many kainkaryams in the past, it has been somewhat dormant for the last 10 years or so. Now there is an effort to revive this and bring back the past glories. We request strong patronage from everyone in achieving the same.

adiyOngaL rAmAnuja dhAsargaL

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