2012 – 145th anniversary celebrations

This year, 2012, is the 145th anniversary of the sabhai and a grand uthsavam was celebrated involving various activities.

Picture during the closing ceremony – From left to right: Sri U.Ve. P. B. Rajahamsam swamy, Sri. U.Ve. M. A. VenkatakrishNan swamy, Srimath paramahamsa ithyAdhi Appan parakAla embAr jeeyar swamy, Sri U.Ve. V. V. Ramanujam swamy.

Here are the various activities that happened this year.

  • 9 days of upanyAsams of following (young) vidhwAns. The theme of this year’s upanyAsams is srI vachana bhUshaNam and each vidhwAn spoke from one prakaraNam. Some of the recorded audios can be heard at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/year-2012.
    • Sri U.Ve. thirukkOvalUr maNivaNNan swamy
    • Sri U.Ve. parAsara badhri nArAyaNa bhattar swamy
    • Sri U.Ve. kAzhiUr Srivallabhan swamy
    • Sri U.Ve. ThiruveLLarai ammAL Vishnuchithan swamy
    • Sri U.Ve. thirukkOttiyUr bharathan swamy
    • Sri U.Ve. Vinjimur V. S. vEnkatAchAryar swamy (Photos)
    • Sri U.Ve. akkarakkani T. A. srInidhi swamy (Photos)
    • Sri U.Ve. Elayavilli E. B. srIrAman swamy
    • Sri U.Ve. kidAmbi NArAyaNan swamy (Photos)
  • upanyAsams of young vidhyArthis, i.e., the ones who hear bhagavath vishaya kAlakshEpam under gOmatam sri U.Ve. Sampath kumArAcharyar swamy and Sri U.Ve. M. A. VenkatakrishNan swamy. 9 such vidhyAthis gave short lectures based on what was heard by them from these scholars. The vidhyArthis were observed of V V Ramanujam swamy, gOmatam swamy, VenkatakrishNan swamy, K. B. dhEvarAjan swamy, Elayavilli U. Ve. srIrAman swamy and others. Full set of Pictures/videos can be seen here.

kAlashEpa vidhyArthis – From left to right: Thirukkurungudi Sri Jagannathan swamy, ThirukkOvalur Sri Manivannan swamy, Sri M. A. MadhusUdhanan swamy, ThirukkOvalur Sri Kolahalan swamy, Sri Rangarajan swamy, Sri Gomatam Thiruvenkatachary swamy, Athangi Sri Srinivasan swamy, Sri Srinivasan swamy, Sri T. Sarathy swamy.

  • dhivya prabhandham competition for young children – close to 50 children attended – ranging from 3 year old – 16 year old. Pictures/videos can be seen at here.
  • Price distribution ceremony headed by srimath paramahsa ithyAdhi appan parakAla embAr jeeyar, sriperumbUthUr and attended by vidhwAns like Sri U.Ve. V. V. RamAnujam swamy (secretary of the sabhai), Sri U.Ve. M. A. VenkatakrishNan swamy (president of the sabhai), Sri U.Ve. N. S. KrishNan iyengar swamy, Sri U.Ve. K. B. dhEvarAjan swamy, Sri U.Ve. P. B. rAjahamsam swamy, etc. All the bhagavath vishaya kAlakshEpa vidhyArthis who delivered lectures and the children who participated in dhivya prabhandham were honoured by the jeeyar swamy. Pictures/videos can be seen here.

Many thanks to Sri U.Ve. Raghuram swamy for taking the photos/videos and organising them on the web.

adiyOngaL rAmAnuja dhAsaragaL

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